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Barbara Landau Named William James Fellow

barbara landau

Dr. Landau received a 2018 William James Fellow Award from the Association for Psychological Science, an honor that recognizes individuals for their “lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology.” Follow the link above for the complete Hub article.

STEM-for-All Video Showcase

Follow the link above to watch the Minds that Build video that our lab created for this STEM showcase. 150+ teams submitted their cutting-edge research projects on innovative work aimed at improving teaching and learning of STEM. The event runs May 15 – 22. Tune in and vote for your favorite videos!

Huffington Post features research on amnesic artist

Click to read the Huffington Post’s article about a research project on memory and amnesia carried out by Barbara Landau, Emma Gregory, Mike McCloskey, and Zoe Ovans.

Postdoctoral fellow opportunity: Spatial cognitive development

The Language and Cognition Lab has an opening for a post-doctoral fellow who will lead a new project on young children’s block-building capacities as a window into the broader development of spatial representations.

Note: This position has been filled and is no longer open.

Johns Hopkins Launches Cross-Disciplinary Science of Learning Institute

science of learning institute

Dr. Landau is the director of JHU’s Science of Learning Institute (2013-present). In its very existence, the institute will leverage Johns Hopkins’ wealth of experience in the field, bringing together an estimated 500-plus scholars and researchers from the brain sciences, education, engineering, medicine, arts, and many other disciplines.

Johns Hopkins Launches Multidisciplinary Center to Explore Learning

A new multidisciplinary institute has been formed at Johns Hopkins to shed light on all aspects of learning, from how our minds begin to take shape during infancy, to how individual differences affect learning, to how we can benefit from cutting-edge teaching technologies. Dr. Landau is the director of the Science of Learning Institute.